Olamide Explains Himself To His Fans

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    Olamide has come out to defend the controversial Logo Benz by Lil Kesh which he was featured on with awareness being his operating word.

    The Motigbana singer posted on Twitter on the 21st of December that he had no idea there was something known as too much awareness because all he believed they were doing with such song is to create awareness on what is presently going on in the society by making that the subject of their song.

    The singer went ahead to apologize for creating too much awareness but also defending his action by saying issues like these are also talked about in the movies and the reactions are different.



    Logo Benz is for the 3rd party to have a glimpse into the current state of youths in our society. (Runs girls x runs boys) “ I’m not sure if there’s anything like 2 much awareness, but pardon me if there is. It’s all over the news, it’s always been in movies, don’t box musicians.


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